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How to Install & Activate Bitdefender Security

how to install and activate bitdefender security

We recommended, Kindly 1st read the full instructions properly or get a print so that it will more easy to complete. You will get an instruction over E-mail as well.

Activation Process for Windows / MAC Computers: – (If Bitdefender is already installed on your computer)

  • 1:- Kindly check your Order Confirmation email and copy or make a note of the Product License Key.
  • 2:- In order to proceed with Installation or Activation, you need to have a Bitdefender Central account. If you already have one you can sign in by Click Here or To create one Click Here Or
  • 3:- Click on the My Subscriptions panel, located on the left side of the window.
  • 4:- Click the ACTIVATION CODE button, then type the code in the corresponding field.
  • 5:- Here just put the code without dashes which you have received with the order confirmation email.
  • 6:- Now Click on Activate or Submit. Your subscription is now activated. Close the pop-up window or click on PROTECT YOUR FIRST DEVICE to install Bitdefender.
  • Congratulation, Now your Bitdefender is Installed & Activated.

Installation & Activation Process for IOS / Android Mobile / Tablet Device:-

  • 1:- Go to on Mobile Devices and Sign in
  • 2:- If you don’t have an account, just create one.
  • 3:- Tap the iOS / Android menu icon should be 3 Line dot in the upper-left corner of the screen, then select My Devices.
  • 4:- In the My Devices window, tap the + icon ( if the key was not added before then add here the Activation code ).
  • 5:- Select Mobile Security from the list, then tap Download on the App Store. Tap the Install button in the App Store screen.
  • Congratulation, Now your Bitdefender Mobile Security is Installed & Activated.


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